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A blog on the benefits of Montessori Programs for a life-long impact on a child’s development

Montessori Schooling Programs offer a unique approach to education that has been proven to be beneficial to children of all ages. The Montessori Casas (Daycares), Preschools and Primary Schools are all based on observation of the child’s natural development and encourage learning through self-directed activities and hands-on experiences. Montessori Schooling is a revolutionary and holistic approach to learning that has been embraced by parents and teachers around the world. It was developed by Dr Maria Montessori, who believed that children should be encouraged to explore their environment through hands-on learning experiences and active play.

Montessori Schooling focuses on providing students with a stimulating and supportive environment where they can learn independently and at their own pace.  After the Covid situation, so far in 2023, many Montessori Schools & Institutions for physical, virtual and hybrid modes of education offer enriching Montessori-inspired Programs for Early Years and Primary Schooling with a slight variation of names and curriculum; for example:

  1. Early Infant Class (6 weeks to 12 months)
  2. Infant Program (6 weeks-18 months)
  3. Toddlers Program (18 months-36 months)
  4. Primary Program (3-5 Years)
  5. Kindergarten Program (Mix age group)
  6. Before & After Care (Mix age group)
  7. Enrichment Program (Mix age group)

So …………. what to choose? And why?

Choosing any of these Montessori Schooling is promising for your child to grow and develop at the best pace. But when it comes to parenting, we all want to know what is the real plus for choosing this world-class education system and why? Don’t worry! We are here to take you on a drive-through to make your decision even stronger….!

What Makes Montessori Education the Most Beneficial?

Before we may discuss the reasons why you should choose a Montessori Program, it is important to explore the unique features of this world’s most renowned educational method. Here is a glance at the learning outcomes that the Montessori Method of education aims at:

  1. fostering independence and self-correction
  2. enhancing problem-solving skills
  3. promoting self-discipline
  4. strengthening fine motor skills & reasoning skills
  5. improving creative thinking skills
  6. sharpening senses through sensory experiences

Now let us explore how the Montessori Programs outweigh other traditional methods of education and benefit a child to shape their absorbent minds to become successful human beings. Here are some key features of a Montessori Method:

Individualized Set-up for Academic Excellence:

Studies have shown that Montessori students excel academically compared to students in traditional classrooms. Such students often demonstrate higher levels of engagement, motivation, and concentration which results in increased academic achievements. For example, one study conducted at an urban public school found that Montessori students had significantly higher scores on standardized tests than their peers in traditional classrooms. They were also more likely to read for pleasure and engage in scientific experimentation.

Curriculum Covering all Areas of Life:

Montessori curriculum offers all the necessary skills like Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Sensorial, EPL (Exercises of Practical Life), Culture (Science, History, Geography, Music), Arts & Handwork required to encourage a child to keep pace with the modern world and excel in all walks of life. With a checklist of milestones for all age groups, it is made sure that each child progresses individually.

Cooperative Play for Social & Emotional Development:

Montessori programs are also advantageous for helping children develop socially and emotionally. The emphasis placed on independence encourages children to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, practice self-regulation techniques, build strong relationships with other children, recognize their own value as individuals, and develop a sense of respect for others’ opinions. At the same time, it allows them the freedom to explore different interests without feeling overwhelmed or pressured by adults or peers.

Mixed Age group:

It is usually seen that in traditional education it is assumed that a certain age group qualifies best under the same learning conditions and environments. But “mix age group” is the key element of a Montessori School. It is so rewarding for the younger peers when they are having difficulty, older ones can lead and mentor them. This is how peer learning and working at their pace can be beneficial for the young learners to gain confidence, and empathy for improved emotional intelligence to be better adults in the future.

Role of a Directress (The Montessori Teacher)

In Montessori Education, teachers cater for a welcoming, safe, and enriching environment for child-centered learning. A teacher is a “mentor” not a strict influencer with hard and fast rules for a particular lesson, rather the teacher is called a “directress” who would perform a particular lesson and present the child with a “prepared environment” to follow her footstep and gain perfection in that particular lesson or skill.


To conclude, Montessori Schooling offers a highly effective approach that not only helps children excel academically but also teaches them essential social skills they will need throughout life while still allowing them time to be successful adults with self-sufficiency, problem-solving skills and emotional intelligence.

The End


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