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If you ask a child why they hate going to school, they’ll give you several different reasons. These include getting up in the morning, homework, boredom, stress, strict classroom rules, and so on. Getting these things from your little one? You are not alone! Whether your child is attending school for the first time or is already continuing education, there are several things parents like you can do to make them love school. Read on and learn how to get your child interested in school.

Get involved

The involvement of parents in their child’s education plays a significant role in their success in school. Be involved in your child’s academic life by helping them do their homework, being present in their school activities and engaging them academically. When they get home from school, take the time to ask them about their day. Most kids usually don’t initiate conversation topics about school, so be the one to ask. But instead of asking the question “How was school?”, ask them something like “What did you enjoy the most about school today?” or “What games did you have fun playing at school?”. Show interest in their school life as it will help them develop a positive attitude towards school.

Support their social growth

Adjusting to school becomes easier when children enjoy the company of their friends. Help them develop their social skills while they’re young. Set up playdates and invite some of their friends to come over. Teach them how to get along with others so they can start establishing meaningful friendships. It also helps if they can find friends around your neighborhood who are also attending the same school. 

Another excellent idea to consider is enrolling them in workshops that will not only help develop their skills and talents but will also provide adequate opportunities to socialize. 

Let them learn from their mistakes

One of the reasons why some kids hate school is because they get reprimanded when they make mistakes. It’s only natural for parents to want the best for their child and desire for them to succeed. However, it’s also important that we recognize that setbacks and failures are all part of the learning process. Whenever your child doesn’t do good enough or when they fall short of your expectations, simply encourage them. Show your support and allow room for improvement. Notice the progress and praise them for it no matter how small it may seem.

Encourage their participation in school activities

School isn’t all about learning inside the classroom. It’s about holistic growth and development. To maximize your child’s learning at school, encourage them to get involved in extracurricular activities, especially in ones that pique their interest. Not only will this help them become a well-rounded child, but it will give them plenty of reasons to love school even more!

Reinforce their interest in specific subject areas

Has your child shown an interest in specific subjects, such as science, math or reading? If they have, try to find exciting ways to further extend that learning. If they have shown a penchant for reading, have them tag along when you visit a local library or bookshop. Or if they have always been fascinated about science, you can set up kid-friendly science experiments at home! 

Encourage homework before play

Homework – one of the few things that kids don’t like about school. But you can do something to help your child cultivate a positive attitude towards homework. Many kids have grown to believe that schoolwork is boring and no fun at all. It’s time to turn things around by designating a nice homework area in your home. Look for a cozy spot and transform it into a nice place conducive for studying. Put some fun stuff, decorations and your child’s favorite books in it. When this is ready, have your little one start using it and make sure they finish homework before playtime.

Young kids may hate school for a number of reasons but with your help,  your child can discover that there’s actually so much to love about school and learning in general. 

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