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The importance of reading for young children can’t be overemphasized. Besides enriching a child’s vocabulary, reading offers numerous other amazing benefits for young kids. These include developing their language skills, developing their creativity and imagination, setting them up for success, and many more. While reading is crucial to a child’s development, not all kids are born with an innate passion for it. So how do you motivate your child to read? Check out the following helpful tips below. 

Make time for reading

If you want your little one to develop a love for reading at an early age, it’s important that you squeeze reading time in their daily routine. A busy and jam-packed schedule isn’t an excuse. Make sure to dedicate time for this activity on a daily basis, even if it’s just 30 minutes. The important thing is that this is done when you and your little one are both relaxed so that it becomes a fun and enjoyable activity for them. Do it consistently so that it becomes a habit.

Create a reading area

To make reading more interesting for your child, it’s best that they have their own reading area. Look for a spot around your house which you can transform into a reading corner. Fill it with a variety of books and fun reading materials. Put in a couch or a chair, then decorate it with some toys and other fun stuff. 

Let them choose the reading materials

Don’t make reading difficult for your child by forcing them to read materials that are beyond their abilities. Let them choose the materials and books that are easy for them to comprehend and pique their interest. Why don’t you let them tag along on your next trip to the bookstore? By letting them choose which books they want to read, they’ll feel more excited to bury their nose in the pages of their new book. 

Surround your house with books and more books!

Young kids who are exposed to a vast collection of books and an extensive range of reading material are more likely to develop a love for reading. This will provoke a habit of reading, especially when they have access to interesting materials at their reading level. So don’t just limit the book collection to their reading corner. Place some in other areas of the house, such as the living room and dining area. You want to make sure your little one always has a book at their fingertips. 

Model love for reading

Exhibit love for reading by spending more time on books and magazines instead of electronics. Children who observe parents who are into reading are more likely to follow suit. They love to imitate what adults do. So, invite them to bring their favorite book, sit together with you and enjoy a reading session together.

Make them feel supported

There will be times when children might feel frustrated, especially when they encounter difficulty reading some words. Be sure to be there for them to support them. Encourage them to never give up. Look at the areas where they need help and provide guidance to address the issue immediately. Don’t forget to praise them and recognize their efforts each time they make progress.

Incorporate technology to help them learn

The use of electronics for kids isn’t entirely a bad thing as long as it’s used for learning and in moderation. Smartphones, tablets and electronic devices are outlets children are familiar with. Make use of gadgets to further increase your child’s interest in reading. You can have them read e-books every now and then besides the actual books they’re usually reading.

Discuss what your child has read

As soon as your little one is done with a book or any other reading material, ask them about what happened. Let them discuss it as if they’re telling a story. Ask them about the names of the characters, their favorite part and how the story ended. Doing this will not only enhance their comprehension skills but they’ll look at reading as a fun family activity.

Developing a love for reading can help kids become better learners. Encourage your little one to embrace reading by trying out these helpful tips.

Here at My Quest Montessori, we make sure that children are provided with plenty of opportunities to establish good reading habits. Send them to a school that will help them become better and faster learners. Please feel free to give us a call for more information. 



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