Before & After School’s Program


It’s true that an immense amount of learning takes place in the four corners of a classroom. However, learning doesn’t start and stop as soon as the school bell rings. This is where before and after school programs come in. Before and after school care programs are designed to improve a child’s development and boost their academic performance. Here’s how young kids benefit from enrichment programs beyond the classroom.

Before and after school programs promote creativity

Children who attend before and after school programs are given ample opportunities to channel their creativity and imagination. These programs provide young kids a venue to use their talents and skills in productive ways and at the same time, protecting them from environments that may expose them to learning illicit behaviors.

They improve students’ academic performance

Another important benefit kids get from enrichment programs is the additional assistance in their academics, specifically in math and reading. They’re able to use their newfound knowledge in the classroom, making them better students in terms of grades and performance. Understanding of academic subjects become easier and learning becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

They improve classroom behavior

Attending before and after school programs is one excellent way to improve behavior in children. It inspires children to do well in academics, thus, reducing the likelihood of them dropping out.

They provide venue for social and emotional growth

It’s imperative for children to have regular interactions with others and after school enrichment programs provide them with the opportunities to make that happen. Before and after school programs allow students ample chance to create friendships and meaningful relationships. They learn more about diversity and other values such as respect and kindness.

Here at My Quest Montessori, our before and after school care programs for public school children are designed to provide a safe environment for outside play, snack time, homework and free play.

Your child can experience the benefits of My Quest.  Your child will enjoy a state of the art facilities and fun indoor and outdoor activities that keep them engaged and learning. And most of all, safe free transportation is provided to and from your child’s school.

Our before and after school care program is from 6:30AM-8AM before school and starts again after school until 6:00PM.


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