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As a parent, you might be having a hard time putting your child to bed every night. Especially with the digital trend, most kids are glued to their gadgets the entire day and you might think it is impossible to get them to sleep. Here are some helpful ways to make bedtime easier for kids. Try these with your children and see how they actually help.

Go to bed at the same time

Your children depend on you, especially when they are really young. Going to bed together will help them feel secure that you are beside them and they’ll fall asleep faster. But make sure your bedtime together is an ideal time for the kids as well. Your midnight book/series-binge and cuddle time with your partner can wait until the kids are asleep.

Turn off the TV and other electronic devices

While these are on, the light from those screens will not only keep them awake, but are also not recommended by doctors. Instead, try reading a book together, listen to music/lullabies or sing to them. The moment their minds feel relaxed, their brain will automatically send signals to their bodies that it’s time to rest and go to sleep.

Get into a routine

A healthy habit that is. Make sure this routine involves very minimal tasks and energy to do. A few steps will ensure a calmer mind and a mindset that they are done for the day. A simple routine could be putting on pajamas, brushing teeth, drinking a warm glass of milk then reading a good book together. They’ll wind down in no time. 

Setting an early bedtime

 Earlier bedtime is essential to making bedtime easier for kids. When they are tired from the entire day of play or school, don’t make them even more tired by making them stay up late. Make sure to tuck them in so they won’t end up fussy throughout the night. Experts suggest kids have a bedtime between 7:30PM – 8:30PM through elementary school. 

Say ‘No’ to the extra requests

When your child asks for another little snack, another bedtime story or a quick hug to their pets, learn to firmly say no. These requests, no matter how tiny, might create a signal to their brain to not fall asleep yet. It will be harder to make bedtime easier for them. It may make you feel guilty to say no to their requests but remember that sleep is what they need more than another bedtime story.

Make their bedroom a cozy place to sleep

When your child’s bedroom is filled with scattered toys and everything else, it’ll be harder to let them sleep as these will serve as distractions to them. Try limiting their toys inside, like keeping only their favorite stuffed animal or just one book for your bedtime story. Avoid utilizing the same bedroom as their playroom so you won’t have to fix and declutter every night. 

Cut the caffeine

 You might need your daily caffeine-fix but your kids don’t need any of it in their diets. Be careful about what they consume since not all caffeine is found in coffee beverages. Most sodas and chocolate bars contain caffeine. If you can‘t avoid it, try giving them a very small amount of it and do it before midday. 

Get moving throughout the day

Make sure your child has plenty of physical activities throughout the day so that, when night time comes, their energy is all spent. Try getting them into sports, as it will also be beneficial to their mental and physical wellness. 

Control and do assisted-nappings 

For toddlers 3 years old and below, they still need those midday naps since their bodies are just adjusting. But for kids 5 years old and up, they need controlled midday naps. Also, they need to avoid late afternoon naps since they will have a hard time falling asleep come night time. 

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