A Warm, Nurturing Introduction to Lifelong Learning

A huge part of a child’s foundational development takes place from ages 0 to 3. It is during these years that infants learn the fundamentals of human interaction such as communicating with others, regulating their emotions and making sense of their surroundings. This is the reason why the early care provided to young kids during this stage is crucial. The care and education experiences of infant program immensely impact their lifelong learning. Therefore, they must be provided with proper nurturance as well as adequate interaction with peers along with active play.

Here at My Quest Montessori, we understand that choosing the perfect early-start program for your infant is essential in laying the foundation for their lifelong learning experience. Those first steps into a classroom can be daunting, so we’ve taken the time to create a nurturing and safe atmosphere where each child can confidently learn and engage with the staff and their classmates. We believe every child has a unique learning path, which is why our teams specialize in providing individual attention for your child and tracking the developmental progress of their cognitive, physical, social, and linguistic skills.

Early Infant Class (6 weeks to 12 months)

Guiding your infant into a class environment requires trust, safety, and the individual attention of our staff. These first moments are focused on supporting fundamental strength, calming, and responsive attributes through tummy time, soothe singing, and interacting with visual and auditory materials.

Older Infant Class (12 to 18 months)

In this class, we build upon your child’s early development skills with more focused motor, sensory, and language exercises. As your child begins to crawl or stand and progresses into basic word development, we track your infant’s milestones, and our staff guides your child at their most confident pace.