Kindergarten Program

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Kindergarten Program

At My Quest,  kindergarten students work in an environment prepared specifically for them.  The Montessori materials used, is to meet their learning needs, and to allow them to become independent thinkers. 

Our teachers guide these free thinkers to make life choices, academic choices, and social decisions.  Children between the ages of two-and-a-half to six-and-a-half all share the same environment, and each child has the same Guide for three to four years. In the mixed-age setting, the children learn from one another. Younger children get a preview of future work by watching the older children. Older children reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with younger children. 

Our caring teachers encourage all children to work with others of all ages, to respect each other and personal space, and to treat each other with courtesy.

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My Quest Montessori is now enrolling students in our in-person Kindergarten program
We intend to provide students with a safe and high-quality learning experience
Our program exceeds the Texas Education Agency’s standards, and our goal is to support students to excel in all academic areas

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