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Kids don’t always have it easy in life. Whoever said so may have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. Children face similar challenges as we adults have, only to a lesser scale. But it doesn’t mean that the pressure, the pain, and the problems they experience are also less. As parents, we only want the best for our kids. We want to protect them at all costs. We want them to grow confident and ready to overcome any challenge in the real world. But we also can’t be there for them at all times.  The good news? There’s something we can do. Building confidence in kids rely majorly upon us parents, and there’s a great deal of things we can do to equip them with this ability. Here are some tips to help build confidence in kids. 

Be a Loving Parent

Being a loving parent to your child creates a place of comfort and strength for them. Your love and acceptance become the foundation of the confidence they get from knowing their place in your life. Children appreciate validation so don’t miss your chances and show them some love in whichever way you can. You can say it in words at any random moment. Or do simple things for them such as cooking a hearty breakfast. You can also spend some quality time with them by doing some bedtime storytelling. Every little thing goes a long way. It’s only up to you to devise some creative ways to show your love. Remember, your love influences your child’s sense of security. A child who is secure is also confident. 

Enforce Your House Rules Consistently

Who says rules are too restrictive? Enforcing rules in your home creates some healthy boundaries that your child can freely live with. This may seem counterintuitive, but defining rules help your child feel more confident in exploring what they are allowed to do. And avoid what they know isn’t good for them.  These rules can change as your child grows but being consistent in imposing them creates a habit that can help your child be more responsible for his actions as he grows older. And can eventually serve as your child’s guiding principles when he is out and about in the real world. You as a parent in the mean-time can stay confident and proud of the great job you’ve done in raising a responsible child. 

Help Them Explore

Exploring new places and activities can help build confidence in kids. Encourage your child to try out new things independently by letting them do it on their own. Of course, you can still serve as a mentor to demonstrate and supervise but allow your child to do things their own way. This can help them gain confidence that they can accomplish anything on their own even without the help of a parent

You can also help your child deal with changes in situations by encouraging them to explore and see different places. Going on day trips and outings, and even trips to the playground to meet other kids can help. So take your kids outside and let them roam free to explore their surroundings. All while ensuring their safety of course. 

Support Their Interests

Talents are not limited to only singing or dancing. Out of the many things one can do, there must be at least one thing a child is good at. And yes, even having good penmanship is a talent. Having parents who are loving and supportive can greatly help build confidence in kids. It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in what your kids are doing or not. Just being there to support and express appreciation for what they do helps a lot.

Teach Resilience

Failure can’t be avoided at all times. A child can do great at something but someone else can be better. As much as we want to, we can’t protect our children from the harsh realities that may come their way.  What we can only ensure is to teach them how to handle these unpleasant situations and turn them into something that they can pick lessons from. 

Guide Your Kids in Goal Setting

If a child is passionate about something they’re not good at, it’s easy to say that practice makes perfect. So they’ll keep going and keep doing the same things over and over again. They may even end up repeating the same mistakes until they finally get things right in due time. In some cases, however, children can’t help but get disappointed if they don’t make it or if things don’t happen in their favor. This can stop them from trying altogether. So instead of telling them to just simply try again, why not teach your kids to treat themselves better by helping them set realistic goals? Help your child break down the task into smaller bite-sized to-do’s. This frames your child’s mind to focus on his smaller accomplishments while working towards his goal. 

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