Pre-School’s Program

The period between ages 2 and 5 involves a lot of developmental milestones. This is also the phase in a child’s life when parents complain about their kids’ challenging behaviors. From temper tantrums, to aggression and fighting over toys – dealing with young children’s behaviors and redirecting their energy to more positive things can be downright difficult. But because this is the time when they are more curious about the world and everything around them, when they want to practice their independence and their brains are very much receptive to learning, sending them to a good quality preschool program would be an excellent option. 

From 3 to 6 years

Choosing a preschool requires careful thought and consideration. By selecting the best-quality school, a child can enjoy the many wonderful benefits it entails. Preschool is a place where young kids get the first experience being in a structured setting. It offers a warm and safe environment where kids are given ample opportunities to learn and grow. It helps them transition to kindergarten because this is where they learn the fundamental of academics. But if you’re worried that it cuts into the important playtime that children need, don’t be. Kids are given fun learning activities in a quality preschool. 

Besides teaching numerals and alphabet, preschool also promotes emotional and social development of children. It provides a place where young kids can learn how to get along with other kids, make friends as well as other important skills that will help them achieve future success.

By choosing a high-quality preschool program for your little one, you can be assured that they are in safe hands, well cared for, learning and enjoying their activities that equip them with the right skills to be successful – that’s exactly what we offer here at My Quest Montessori.

Our program is perfect for children between 3 to 6 years. Here your child will have the opportunity to experience decision-making and explore their interests to help them confidently develop into their authentic, individual self. By integrating Montessori principles, each child has the freedom to learn new concepts at their own pace and embrace their favorites – creating a positive and exciting environment they’ll be eager to be a part of every day.


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