Toddler Program: Molding Their Future & Independence

18 months – 36 months

At My Quest Montessori, we understand that your toddler is at a stage of curiosity, exploration, and immense learning potential. Our toddler program provides an engaging and safe environment where your young child can thrive. With the help of unique and hands-on materials, such as the iconic Montessori Pink Tower, our experienced toddler teachers guide your child in developing control and spatial skills, enabling them to understand more advanced concepts like progress, sequence, and basic problem-solving.

Path to Independence

In our toddler program, we lay the foundation for your child’s independence and self-reliance. We introduce them to everyday practical skills, such as washing their face, pouring liquids, and presenting attentive focus for active listening. These activities not only contribute to their development but also empower them to participate actively in their own care and well-being. The carefully planned space for toddlers promotes exploration, order, independence, freedom of choice, and movement. We believe that allowing toddlers to make choices and take responsibility for their actions fosters a strong sense of independence and self-esteem.

Effective Communication and Updates

We understand the importance of open communication between parents and teachers. Our dedicated toddler teachers ensure regular updates and meaningful conversations to keep you informed about your child’s progress. You can expect daily communication that includes pictures, food tracking, nap schedules, and other activities. This two-way communication ensures that we work together in supporting your child’s growth and development.

Enriching Environment for Your Toddler

Our Toddler Montessori curriculum is designed to holistically develop your child’s fine motor skills, verbal skills, social awareness, care of self, and care of the environment. Through carefully-planned activities and materials, we provide opportunities for your toddler to enhance their coordination, independence, and self-confidence. Practical life activities, sensorial exploration, language development exercises, and social interactions form integral parts of our program. We believe that learning is not limited to academic subjects alone but also includes life skills and social-emotional development.

Cultivating Skills through Fun and In-Depth Program

At My Quest Montessori, we offer a fun and in-depth program that cultivates your toddler’s skills and fosters their love for learning. Our experienced teachers guide your child through engaging activities that stimulate their curiosity and support their development. Through the Montessori approach, we encourage hands-on learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Our goal is to provide an enriching environment where your toddler can explore, discover, and develop a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.

We invite you to explore our toddler program at My Quest Montessori, where we nurture independence, foster a love for learning, and provide a caring and supportive environment. Our dedicated teachers are committed to helping your toddler thrive and reach their full potential. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover how our toddler program can shape your child’s future and promote their independence.

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